Andrew Drake Hall

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Welcome to Andrew Drake Hall's official web page!

Here you'll find links to my demos and my contact details in the links above.

About me:

My introduction to voice acting started in 2007 when I discovered that all those funny and dramatic voices I loved doing were in fact something that was useful and that could become a career.


Curious to know more, I discovered the voice acting alliance, a forum of actors animators and directors working on both amateur and professional projects. This is where I learned what it meant to really act.


After years learning the craft through this medium (through radioplays and some animation), I auditionned for the lead role on a teen superhero animation series, where I was cast as the main hero and as one of the evil generals. While the series never came to fruition, it did provide me with contacts in Los Angeles.


Upon my return to the city of Angels in 2010, I was able to meet experienced actors who helped me learn more about the craft and who encouraged me to keep pushing myself so that I could eventually get professional roles, be it in Los Angeles or London.


The demos on this website will show you my beginnings, from a clip showing random voices I have done, to a before and after demo to really show how far I've come.